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New York Mother Allegedly Fatally Injured 2 Young Sons That Were Found In Bathtub

A woman in Bronx New York City has been accused of fatally injuring her two young sons. They were found deceased in a bathtub. This was according to several reports. The 22 year old mother, Dimone Fleming,was charged with several counts of fatal injury after her two young children were found deceased inside of her apartment. This took place within the Echo Place Family Shelter. This is a facility for homeless families. The previous evening , the children: 11-month-old Octavius Canada and 3-year-old Daishawn Fleming….were found with "multiple stab injuries” The injuries were to their torsos and necks. Before finding the severely
injured children, authorities came out to the scene while responding to a call about a young woman acting irrationally. This was where they found a "female, unclothed inside of the apartment on the third floor, acting erratically ,"authorities said. After the incident, a neighbor was able to tell her account of the events. They had witnessed an agitated woman outside of the shelter, asking what she'd done. "I saw her acting off…..asking 'What I did, what I did, what I did?' So I asked her what happened, you OK? But she said nothing," Francis Pimentel (neighbor) recalled. Watch Video Below

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