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Usher New Song: Missing You

On "Missin U," Usher explores two sides of the same coin: the desire to make love and the desire to simply be with the women he loves. This is reflected in the musical backdrop. The song begins with Usher describing how he likes his women: "nice, thin waist, fat butt, soft little lips," over gritty, sensual synths. Then suddenly on the chorus it all blossoms into a warm sonic tableau that takes a
page straight out of the Thriller playbook. Usher just misses his girl and he wants her to come home. Quotable Lyrics I reminisce of all the things that don't exist yet Like the breakfast on Sunday mornings after drunk love making Or when you're out with your girls and you send me a drunk text Saying baby are you far, won't you to come closer to my heart I miss you girl, wherever you are. Listen to the song below

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