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Bell Biv Devoe: Video ' Run'

BELL BIV DEVOE IS BACK This is their first hit in over 15 years The slick, smooth-riding track follows 2001's BBD, usurping the eight year gap between that record and 1993's Hootie Mack as their longest break between projects. They briefly reunited for Johnny Gill's "This One's For Me and You" in March. Along with the song, they also announced the release of their fourth studio album, Three Stripes =, on Jan. 27. The Grammy-nominated trio
spun off of '80s breakout band New Edition in 1990; their debut album Poison peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, selling four million copies in the U.S. Bell Biv DeVoe are currently at work on a three-part BET mini-series titled The New Edition Story, which will chronicle both their lives and careers and those of their former bandmates. Listen to "Run," produced by Erick Sermon, and see the video below.

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