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Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Blasts Trevor Noah & Charlamagne For Befriending Tomi Lahren

Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg was hot as grease at a fish fry when he took to Twitter and blasted Trevor Noah and Charlamagne of "The Breakfast Club" for befriending conservative bobble head Tomi Lahren. After gathering her like a like a raggedy ponytail on "The Daily Show," Trevor was spotted having drinks with Tomi. One would assume he was

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helping her drown the L she took on his show in alcohol if he hadn't already mentioned he thought she was good-looking on social media. A day after her embarrassing appearance on "The Daily Show," Tomi's interview on "The Breakfast Club" was pulled, but that didn't stop her from kicking it with Charlamagne and snapping pics for da 'Gram!

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Do you see color???? @tomilahren 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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