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Woman Fatally Injured By A Man Who ‘woke Up And Decided To Delete Someone’

A woman from New Orleans was fatally injured by a male passenger who reportedly “woke up and decided to delete someone.” Authorities say that he uploaded a video of the victim dying on His social media. The victim was confirmed to be 54-year-old Yolanda Dillion. She was an Uber driver and budget analyst at the New Orleans Police Department. Dillon picked up Brandon Jacobs, 29, in downtown New Orleans and transport les him to his hotel. It was then that he stabbed her three times. While Dillon was passing away from her injuries, Jacobs decided to record her last breaths on earth. He uploaded the video on his Social Media page. Dillion was found in her vehicle and she was taken to a nearby hospital. Soon after arriving to
the hospital, she passed away from her injuries. The disturbing video was removed from Jacobs’ Social media page. Investigators said that Jacobs returned to his room. They found out about where he was through Dillion’s phone. Authorities contacted UBER to help them locate him. He was using her phone. Dillion’s was said to be a nice and caring woman by family and friends. She was also a mother. She had mentioned that she began to drive UBER to earn extra income for her living expenses. She was also the caregiver for her mother. People were shocked to hear about her passing. They were also saddened that Dillion had to take another job to afford taking care of herself and mother. We send out our condolences to the family. Watch Video Below

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