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Parents Are Arrested For Starving Their Six Week Old Baby

Parents located in Crystal City are accused of starving their 6 week old baby. The baby did not survive. The police arrested and charged the baby boy”s parents, 31 year old Phillip Compton and 33 year old Jessica Cook. They were charged with the abuse and neglect of a child resulting in demise. The police said that the paramedics went to the couple's home because a call was made because a child wasn't breathing. When they arrived it was obvious that the baby was not cared for correctly. They also noticed that the baby was malnourished. The crew attempted life sustaining actions like CPR. They
also rushed the baby to the Emergency Room. Court documents says that the parents took the baby to the hospital days before but did not follow up despite concerns of the baby being under weight.   An autopsy was performed. The tests came back saying that the child was malnourished and was dehydrated. The judge has set bail for both parents at $50k. The judge also set parameters. The parents are not to be in a home with minors. Meaning anyone under the age of 18. They will also have to wear tracking devices. If convicted both parents will face years in prison. Watch Video Below

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