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Ciara Shows Off Her Baby Bump In Calvin Klein Underwear And Overalls, Proving Pregnant And Stylin' Go Hand-in-hand

We love ad campaigns that actually achieve something unique and different. Which is why we're kind of obsessed with Ciara's Calvin Klein ad featuring her baby bump. That's right. The singer posed in Calvin Klein underwear and overalls, showcasing the brand's signature under garments and her pregnancy. The campaign is - in our humble opinions - kind of revolutionary. It enforced the supremacy of CK for all our underwear needs while also reminding us that pregnancy is both normal and sexy, and that pregnant women should never feel ashamed about their bodies. Seriously
- when was the last time you saw a pregnant woman allowed to advertise something that wasn't specifically pregnancy-related? Seriously - those casual overalls are genuinely giving us major style goals and we officially want to dig through our closets and rock a pair right now. Plus, we just have to reiterate how many props we're giving to Calvin Klein. This seemingly subtle ad does SO MUCH in reminding us that women come in all shapes and sizes (and yes, some of those shapes and sizes are pregnant!), and it's all entirely beautiful.

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