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Comedian, Actor, & Producer Ricky Harris Passes Away At 54

I am completely heartbroken as I report comedian, actor, and producer Ricky Harris has passed away at 54. Ricky's manager confirmed his passing to the Los Angeles Times. The cause of death is unknown, however, Cindy Ambers of Art/Work Entertainment, said he had suffered a heart attack two years ago. Harris, the son of a preacher, was raised in Long Beach. He made a name for himself as a performer on HBO's "Def Comedy Jam" in the 1990s with a pop culture-inflected routine that touched on subjects such as horror movie sound effects and movie sex. He made
his acting debut in the 1993 drama "Poetic Justice," which starred Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur. Two years later he appeared in "Heat," a heist film directed by Michael Mann. Harris appeared on TV series such as "Moesha" and Chris Rock's "Everybody Hates Chris," where he played the charming neighborhood ne'er-do-well, Malvo. Other recent appearances included roles on the 2015 dramedy "Dope" and "The Tracy Morgan Show." Harris was also known for doing raunchy skits on the albums of rapper Snoop Dogg, a childhood friend from Long Beach. (The pair sang in their church choir together.)