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Woman Loses Her Life After Being Stuck In Her Car During Blizzard

Anndel Taylor who was from Charlotte,North Carolina; was traveling home from work and the unthinkable happened. Her car became stuck in the snow. Taylor's family believes that she was trapped inside of her vehicle for 18 hours, before she passed away. She was just about to celebrate her 23rd birthday. "There has been a lot of crying," Shawnequa Brown, Taylor's sister, told reporters. Emergency responders simply could not get to the people who were impacted by the storm negatively. Her family seems to think that she was apart of the several people who lost their lives due to the Bizzard. "I feel like everybody that tried to get to her got stuck," Tomeshia Brown, Taylor's sister, told reporters. "Fire
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department, authorities , everybody got stuck." Taylor got the chance to tell her family that the snow was accumulating quickly around her car. They were in a group chat. She shared a video that showed the snow covering her car windows. "She was telling my sister that she was scared," Brown revealed. Wanda Brown Steele, who is Taylor's mother, said that her daughter intended to walk home after sleeping in her car during the storm. She believes Taylor passed away of carbon monoxide poisoning. “The car was running, and the snow was still coming, so it blocked the pipes, the exhaust pipe," Steele said, per the report. "After the car cut off," she added, "that's when she iced up." Watch Video Below

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