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UPDATE: Mother Of Slain 7 Year Old Begs For The Killer To Be Found

LaPorsha Washington hopes that by speaking out that it will help authorities catch her daughter's killer. Her 7 year old daughter was shot to death . From her hospital bed, Washington shared the events that happened. The details were so horrific. The grief stricken mother says that she and her daughters came into contact with an evil person. "This man took her away from us," she says. "You can't be a human being doing something like this. You can't." When Washington woke up she could not believe the events that had transpired. She had asked her best friend if it was all a bad dream. She said that seeing the news confirmed her nightmare. This is how the story unfolds. Miss Washington along with her daughters were headed to get coffee for her mother. They had arrived at a stop light and a man with a beard in a pickup truck next to them caught her oldest daughters eye. "I was in the passenger seat and he was on my side and I looked at him and he looked at me and when the light turned green we just started going,” explains 15-year-old Alexis Dilbert.  Within seconds the man used his weapon right into the car with her four daughters. The description that they had was that the

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man had blue eyes and a black hoodie on. She said that the man looked her child in the eyes and had no remorse. He pulled out a weapon and just started filling the car up with shots. Alexis said “He was white and he had blue eyes. He had a hoodie on. His nose was kind of pointy and he looked like he was on drugs or something because his face was really pale,” The mother was shot in the arm and she checked on each one of her daughters. She asked her oldest daughter Alexis to check on 7 year old Jazmine. Jazmine did not answer. “She said 'Jazmine are you OK?  Jazmine are you OK?  Jazmine are you OK?'  Alexis said “mama she’s not moving” ” She was on the door and I already knew because I saw the blood on the door.  So I knew already but I didn’t want to say it,” says the 15 year old.   The mother attempted to continue to drive but a blown out tire kept them from being able to take Jazmine to the hospital. Apparently she had got out of the car and tried to get help from the people in the cars but no one stopped. The man got away and there is no signs of finding him.
Two men have been arrested and charged, neither men fit the discription that the mother gave.
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