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Idris Elba's Beautiful Daughter Isan Elba Celebrates Her 16th Birthday (video)

Idris Elba was a proud and doting father at his daughter Isan Elba's Sweet 16 bash on Sunday. On her birthday, the award-winning actor posted this sweet message for his baby girl: Isan is 16 today!! What?? I'm so proud of my lil mami .. I'm very lucky to have her in my life.
Her entire life represents a change for the better... The long awaited gift bearer. I love you @isanelba Dad. According to her father, Isan wanted Drake to perform at her Sweet 16. Unfortunately, he was busy deejaying and curving Bresha Webb at a Golden Globes afterparty. See more photos and video below from Isan's Party.

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A post shared by Isan Elba (@isanelba) on

Y'all aren't ready for all the pictures, videos, and details from my birthday bash last night! 🖤 (those are called the "yassss fingers" btw)

A post shared by Isan Elba (@isanelba) on

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