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Missing 2 Year Florida Boy Found In The Mouth Of An Alligator

A missing 2-year-old boy was found deceased in the most horrendous way. His mother was found deceased in the family's St. Petersburg, Florida, apartment earlier in the week. The boy was found deceased in the mouth of an alligator. The child’s father has been arrested on suspicion of fatal injury. The Authorities had been searching for the little boy when they "spotted an alligator with an object in its mouth…. "As the detectives got closer they fired

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one round to the alligator," “The alligator dropped the object that he had in his mouth and we were able to retrieve Taylen's body intact." Authorities said. The boy's father, who is 21-year-old Thomas Mosley, has been charged with two counts of first-degree fatal injury in the deaths of 20-year-old Pashun Jeffery and their son Taylen Mosley. Taylen's exact cause of his demise at the moment is unknown. The Mother was found stabbed multiple times. Watch Video Below

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