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Riley Is Gerber's 2017 Gerber Baby Winner

After receiving over 110,000 entries, Gerber has announced 7-month-old Riley Shines is the official Gerber Spokesbaby of 2017. Via People: Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, parents Kristen and Devin Shines made the spontaneous decision to enter their baby in the search a few months back, but had no real expectations of ever winning. "It was a big surprise when we won," Kristen tells PEOPLE exclusively. "We haven't told our family
and friends yet. I'm bursting! It's a harder secret to keep than when I was pregnant." Aside from scoring the coveted "Gerber Baby" title, Riley and his parents were also awarded a $50,000 cash prize, $1,500 in Gerber Childrenswear and the chance for the pint-sized cutie to appear in a 2017 Gerber ad. In addition, Riley's year will also be documented on Gerber's social media platforms.

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Say hello to the new Gerber Spokesbaby for 2017, Riley (@rileyrazor25) 😍 Thanks to all who participated #GerberPhotoSearch2016

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