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Woman Bitten By Python While Using The Bathroom

Well it’s always good to look inside the toilet before using it. This lady in Australia learned this lesson. It was explained by the snake catcher "It all happened so fast, and she initially thought it was a frog." The company went on to say, "Of course, she discovered it was not a frog, but in fact a Carpet Python which had gotten just as much of a fright as she did. Unfortunately, the snakes preferred exit point was blocked after being spooked by the customer sitting
down and it simply lashed out in fear." She said that “mid stream” she felt a little prick. The snake was safely removed. It is a common thing for snakes to be in toilet pipes. Local Animal experts are saying to look in the toilet first before using. If you come across this situation, and you see a snake in the toilet; quickly put the toilet lid down. Do not attempt to remove the snake yourself. Call a professional to humanely remove the snake from the premises. Watch Vide Below

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