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Yikes! Gucci Mane Appeared On 'the Breakfast Club,' And Had A Pretty Awkward Exchange Of Words With Co-host Angela Yee!

Yikes! Gucci Mane appeared on 'The Breakfast Club,' and had a pretty awkward exchange of words with co-host Angela Yee! He accused her of desperately flirting with him and things got TENSE from there. See the interview here! Well, this is awkward! Gucci Mane, 36, paid a visit to The Breakfast Club on Dec. 16, to talk with hosts, Charlamagne Tha God, 36, DJ Envy, 39, and Angela Yee, 40, about his new music and more. The interview was definitely interesting, but it took a weird turn when Gucci recalled a time when Angela had tried to make a pass at him! After Gucci
admitted that he had some sort of "history" with Angela, Charlamagne asked the rapper if he had "smashed" her. Angela and Gucci both said no, but Gucci confessed that Angela "had tried." "She was on my d*ck back then." Ouch! Angela quickly interjected to defend her honor. "That was a lie. We were cool. I was not on your d*ck, stop it," she demanded. But Gucci didn't stop. "I'm not lying," he said. "She text me like, 'what hotel you was at?' You don't remember that time we did that interview a long time ago with Melissa Ford, and you was calling me?"

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