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A Wisconsin Consumer Death Has Been Linked To A Package Of Bagged Salad Contaminated With Listeria

The person who passed away was not identified by the Wisconsin Department of Health. Across 13 states, 17 people have been infected in the connection with the outbreak. This is including 13 who were also hospitalized. Those reported to have been infected are between the ages of 50 and 94. The symptoms of listeria vary. It is known to cause fever,diarrhea, headaches, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, or convulsions. Pregnant women aew among the highestof the risks group for listeria They can suffer from flu like symptoms and can also suffer from miscarriages, stillbirth or premature delivery. It could also lead to serious illnesses or demise for

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the newborn. Symptoms often begins 1 to 4 weeks after eating contaminated food. But some can experience symptoms the day of exposure or as late as 2 and a half months following exposure. If you have had the contaminated items in your refridgerator, it has been suggested that the fridge be cleaned. Any food that has been around the contaminated items, should be discarded. Listeria can live in the fridge and can contaminate everything. There are alot of commonly known bags of salad that’s in your grocery stores that are on the list. check your local information hubs to see if the ones that you use have been recalled.

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