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Happy Anniversary: Keisha & Omar Epps Celebrate 12 Years Of Marriage

Keisha Epps and Omar Epps are celebrating their 12 wedding anniversary. The Total singer posted a beautiful message to her hubby via social media to celebrate their special day. We connected at first sight 26 years ago. Reconnected almost 15 1/2 years ago and 12 years ago today, we took our vows to LOVE one another forever. I still want forever with you baby. You have given me many of
my GREATEST joys. Thank you babe. Even our less than a handful of downs couldn't touch our LOVE. That's LOVE. Over and over and over again...I choose you..."I do" You know the rest Happy 12th Anniversary Omar I thank God for the blessing of your LOVE. What a BEAUTIFUL soul you are #MyHusband #MyBestFriend #MyKing #MyDude #MyLOVE #MyBabyDaddy #MyPush #MySoulmate #MyOtherHalf #MyRock @omarepps #SecondGearKickingIn Congratulations to the beautiful couple.
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