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Riley Burruss To Release 'better Late Than Never' Single Dedicated To Her Father Listen Now!

Kandi Burruss' daughter, Riley Burruss, is following in her mother's musical footsteps. The 14-year-old is preparing for the release of her first single, "Better Late Than Never," which is slated to drop this Sunday (Feb 19). Based on the lyrics, Riley's song is dedicated to her father, Russell "Block" Spencer, who
has been an absentee parent for most of her life. Riley sings: Better late than never Is what they say Guess I'll forgive ya Even though you missed my birthday I'm forgiving you even though you hurt me I'm forgiving you, but you don't deserve it Better late than never Listen to a snippet of the song

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My baby girl @RileyBurruss is releasing her song "Better Late Than Never" this Sunday! Please support & spread the word. I'm super excited for her! #BLTN #betterlatethannever

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