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Mother Takes Out Hairstyle Of Her Toddler To Get Back At Father

A mother was recorded taking out the braided hairstyle of her young daughter’s hair has caused some discussion. She did this because of the child’s father getting his child’s hair done without speaking with her beforehand. This has a lot of people talking on social media. The little girl’s father, also shares two other children with the woman, posted the video of the child’s hair after he got it braided. He also shared what he recorded of the mother taking down the style with a stylist tool as the child cried on the sidewalk. The mother was heard in the clip
saying, “I don’t care! I told you stop playin’ with me! I don’t care, I do my own daughter hair.” According to the father, he surprised the children at their daycare. He explained that he doesn’t get to see his children often. He decided to treat them by getting their hair done. “I surprised my children at daycare because their momma jayla dont let me see them. I took my boys to get their hair done and got my baby girl hair done. look wat her momma do just cause i got my babyhair did,” he wrote online. Watch Video Below

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