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Healthy Nyc Inmate Dies In Prison: Family Wants Answers

Protesters stood outside of the Greene Correctional Facility. They demanded  justice for Anthony Myrie. He was an inmate who passed away while serving a 7 year sentence for attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance. "This is to bring awareness to the voiceless," said Shateasha Sims. "To bring justice to the unjust behavior that’s constantly overlooked on a daily basis." The protesters said there is reason to believe that Myrie's death was caused by mistreatment from the prison guards. The department of corrections and supervisions rarely give information on cases, they decided to release the following statement: “Mr. Myrie was involved in a 3 on 1 fight with other incarcerated individuals in a housing unit of the Greene Correctional Facility. Correction officers responded and issued verbal commands which stopped the fight. No officers used any force at anytime.
Following the altercation, Mr. Myrie was examined by faculty medical staff who found no injuries as a result of the incident.” According to Tge Department Of Corrections, he was escorted to a holding area to be interviewed. It was during this time that Mr. Myrie began complaining that he was feeling chest pains. The statement recalls the events by saying , “Mr. Myrie was immediately returned to the medical unit for further evaluation when he collapsed unconscious and unresponsive. At the point of this event, medical staff began emergency response and called for outside medical services.” He was than transferred and pronounced deceased. The medical examiner will do an autopsy. It is documented that there are no signs in his body that would show that there was an unjust cause for his death. Watch Video Below

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