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Chris Brown Says He's Done With Fake Friends, Video Sparks Concerns For His Health (video)

Chris Brown Is Done With Fake Friends Chris Brown took to social media on Tuesday morning to deliver a public service announcement that left many fans concerned for his health. The chart-topping singer's eyes were hanging low like lampshades and his words were slightly slurred as he requested that all of the fakes stay clear of him going forward. From now on this year...All you fake n***as stop being
my fake friends. All you fake n***as stop coming around downloading my swag trying to see what the moves is, what the licks is, trying to see what the new wave is. All you n***as look like my kids out here. I ain't hatin. But, all y'all n***as stop coming around real n***as cause I know a lot of y'all are b**ches. And I'm gonna be classy.

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#ChrisBrown says he's done with the #FakeLove and #FakeFriends ‼️✌🏾🍦IceCreamConvos.com

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