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Baby Found In Wall Parents Charged

The parents that authorities said hid their baby’s body in a wall have been charged with criminal taking of a life and mistreatment of a corpse. Kylie Wilt, who is 25, admitted to hiding her child’s remains in the wall of her home in Pennsylvania. She told the authorities that she put her son in a crate. She cut a hole in the wall and covered the baby with blankets and put drywall and paint to conceal the hole. Wilt and the child’s father, Alan Hollis, 27, admitted to lying to the Children and Youth Services about where their 5-month-old baby was. Authorities said that Wilt first told Children and Youth Services
that the baby was in North Carolina being taken care of by someone. Then she said that her baby passed away of sudden infant death syndrome and she stored the baby’s body in a crate in their home’s laundry room. Eventually, they moved, and she said that she took the baby’s body with them, hiding it in a crate in the wall, But a forensic examination found that the baby had during life and post life trauma that were in various stages of healing. Both Wilt and Hollis are now facing charges including criminal taking of a life, aggravated assault, conspiracy, concealing the demise of a child and mistreatment of a corpse.

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