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Family Member Questioned After Nyc Woman Was Found Decomposing In Plastic Bin

A Woman in New York went missing and was found deceased in a plastic storage bin. It was left out on a sidewalk. The woman’s cousin was charged in her fatal injury, according to authorities. Authorities were called when a passerby noticed a grisly scene. They noticed a bin with a body in it. A non responsive woman was found in the plastic bin. She was later identified as Nisaa Walcott, who was 35. She was located in East Harlem. EMS were called and she was pronounced deceased at the scene. She was a mother of a 14 year-old young man. Her brothers reported her missing not too long before the discovery. Walcott's cousin, Khalid Barrow, who is 21, was arrested. According to authorities, he has been charged with fatal injury and concealment of a corpse. Her brothers grew uneasy when they
attempted to reach her and received texts back that didn't sound like her. "The language that was being used was like, wait a minute, that's not my sister," her brother, Eugene Butler, told reporters. He was arrested after authorities obtained video of Walcott going inside her building with Barrow. Barrow is scene leaving out of the building alone. The video also showed Barrow removing a plastic container from the building. Authorities believe that Barrow allegedly acted as Walcott and texted her family members to make it look like she was still alive. The family were alerted when one of the texts said that she was going on a business trip and needed them to watch her son. Authorities are now investigating on a motive to this horrific crime. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death. Watch Video Below

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