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Remy Ma Releases Second Diss 'another One,' Jackee Harry Defends Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma Releases Second Nicki Minaj Diss Record On Thursday night, Remy Ma released "Another One," her second diss record aimed at Nicki Minaj. It's been almost a week since Remy unleashed "ShETHER" and set the internet on fire. Unfortunately, Nicki opted not to respond and has been keeping herself busy shooting music videos with Future and parlaying in Paris. In "Another One" Remy taunts Nicki for her lack of response by rapping: I guess you know now who the head
b**ch is I'm a savage, I be killin' dead b**ches I bet you wish that you ain't never said sh*t Now they so busy shootin' videos and I'm like nah Where the f**k is your song? I mean, come on. In a surprising turn of events, actress Jackee Harry came to Nicki's defense by tweeting, "@NICKIMINAJ Just continue to shine regardless of the dirt that gets splattered around you. #AnotherOne" Jackee added, "There are levels to which you'll never power up.

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