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Court Overturns Trinity Carr's Conviction In Deadly Bathroom Attack Of Amy Joyner-francis

Delaware Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of the 17-year-old Trinity Carr who attacked Amy Joyner-Francis in a high school bathroom and set off the events that led to her death. A Family Court judge found the girl culpable of criminally negligent homicide and sentenced her to six months in a juvenile facility. The stress of the attack caused Amy, who had a rare, undetected, heart condition, to go into cardiac arrest. ABC 6 reports: The Supreme Court on Thursday said no reasonable factfinder could have found that the girl acted with criminal negligence or, even if she did, that it would be unjust to blame her for Joyner-Francis' death given how unforeseeable it was that the fight would lead to a young teen dying of cardiac arrest. Cellphone video of the attack shows Joyner-Francis struggling to fight back and escape

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as she is repeatedly hit and kicked in the head while her assailant holds on to her hair. Amy's family released the following statement: The most dangerous city in the nation for children between the ages of 12-17 is Wilmington, DE. The overturned ruling by the Delaware Supreme Court today regarding the murder of Amy Joyner-Francis supports this fact. Did the justices see the video because the assailant literally kicked Amy six times in the head and landed over 20 body shots? She and her cohorts plotted Amy's death on social media and they get to walk freely, while Amy's Family is bound by her untimely death. Delaware is in desperate need of a complete overhaul politically, socially and most importantly spiritually. May God Bless the Family of Amy Joyner-Francis who cannot find justice or peace in the First State.

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