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Toddler’s Demise Ruled A Homicide

A toddler located in Maryland demise has now been deemed a homicide. This happened after the officials found drugs in the child's system. The EMT’s found the 2-year-old whose name is Journey Sharp unresponsive. They attempted life-saving tactics but the little girl was pronounced deceased. After the toddler's demise, the family created a Go Fund Me Page. This was to raise money for the funeral. "She lived on
this earth for 943 days and in those 943 days, she touched so many lives," stated Amber Walls. "She was a Beautiful soul." The body of the little girl was transported to the medical examiner's office. An autopsy was performed and it determined that the 2-year-old had passed away from fentanyl intoxication. The toddler's demise is now being investigated as a homicide. Other charges are also pending.

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