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Whoopi Goldberg Addresses The Fake News Story That Endangered Her & Her Family's Lives (video)

Whoopi Goldberg Addresses Fake News Story That Endangered Her Family Whoopi Goldberg is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a fake news site and she says it endangered her life as well as the lives of her family members. On Monday's episode of "The View," slammed a website that claimed she said Carryn Owens, wife of a fallen Navy SEAL, made an appearance at Donald Trump's joint address to Congress for "attention." Whoopi stated, "It endangered my family's life, it endangered my life." Sadly, the website owner, who resides in Costa Rica claims he wrote the story because he "just wanted to see how quickly stories he made up were quickly spread." Whoopi is ready to take action against this foolishness
by seeking legislation to hold sites who post these malicious stories accountable. Oh, and a lawsuit is on the way! If you're going to involve someone in fake news, you should have their permission. You shouldn't be able to put stuff out there, 'cause clearly you don't care what could've happened to me or to my family Or the fact that there's a lot of people who said, 'No, I know you said it.' Well actually, if you go on The View site I said the exact opposite. Man, I'm telling you. You cost me money because I had to protect my family...Costa Rica is not big enough for the lawsuit that's coming your way. Watch Whoopi Goldberg's remarks below.

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