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Diddy & The Hip Hop Community Pay Tribute To Craig Mack

The news of Craig Mack's passing has left many shocked, stunned and in total disbelief. The rapper, whose hit single, "Flava In Ya Ear," launched Bad Boy Entertainment died from heart failure on Monday in a South Carolina
hospital. Social Media has been flooded with condolences, tributes and those paying their respects. Diddy remembered Craig as a man who had great energy and always followed his heart. See more tributes from the Hip Hop community and others below.

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Craig Mack, you were the first artist to release music on Bad Boy and gave us our first hit. You always followed your heart and you had an energy that was out of this world. You believed in me and you believed in Bad Boy. I will never forget what you did for hip-hop. You inspired me and will continue to inspire us. We will always love you. #badboy4life #ripcraigmack

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RIP Mack. Condolences to the whole Bad Boy family.

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#RIP Craig Mack. His uplifting rap is in contrast to some of today's degrading lyrics. Thanks for putting the "flava" in our ears.

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Man....being a kid playing his record EVERYDAY in my Karl Kani jeans Motivated me to want my drums to hit like his. Then when I heard later in life his heart was pulled by the love of Christ, that made me feel even more connected, although our paths never crossed. Life happens so quickly... then the beat ends; on this side. "We are cheerful, for to be absent from this body, we are present with the lord"-2nd Cor. 5:8.🙏🏾#craigmack

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#RIP #CraigMack 1971-2018 The man who rapped "Whatcha gonna do When God Comes?" has unfortunately passed away yesterday on March 12, 2018 Several reliable sources have contacted me saying that it is true that #CraigMack passed away yesterday, March 12. I'll tell you what's so disappointing about his passing away... about 3 months ago or so, I finally got ahold of him and we talked on the phone for over an hour. Most of the call was me trying to persuade him to start making music again. He felt like after giving his life to God that maybe he shouldn't rap again. I begged him and explained to him that he had every right to still praise God through his music. I told him that as long as it was genuine and not a blasphemous gimmick, he could still reach souls and spread his message. Finally, he gave in and said "Ok Mo Bee, i'll do it." I sent him 5 or 6 tracks and then I never heard back from him. I made a follow-up call and still no Craig. Maybe he knew he was about to die but just didn't want to tell me. One of the reliable sources I spoke to not long ago tonight told me that he had told somebody "I'm not gonna be here much longer." God rest his soul. Now I'm thinking about the record we recorded together called "When God Comes." He wanted to be ready. That was always on his mind. I pray that today he has finally made it into the Kingdom Of Heaven because that's all that mattered to him. I'm so in denial. Can't believe he's gone. Bless you, my brother. No more suffering. No more pain. The Lord has called you home and finally said well done. EMB

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I remember we first played MC EZ song on @wakeupshow "Get Retarded" and thinking how much I loved the texture of his voice. Then hearing Craig Mack's voice on "Get Down" and "Flavor in ya Ear" I was blown away that it was the same artist. We, King Tech and I, were big fans of @therealeasymobee and his production ( one the most over looked hit making producers in the game ). When Craig Mack and B.I.G came to the bay for the first it was my promotion company Streetwise Promotions that prompted them in the bay. My brother T. Calloway was responsible for taking them to every hood in the Bay. My partner A.D. and I were on a mission to make the Bay Area as important to the music business as NYC and LA and we did. Craig Mack and BIG both were as down to earth and funny as your neighbor that you went to elementary with. So happy to have laughed and win with both of them. RIP.

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