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Burger King Employee Shoots At Customer Following A Dispute

A Miami Burger King employee was obtained after shooting at a customer following a heated dispute. Authorities said that 30-year-old Shateasha Hicks exchanged a few choice words with a man in the drive-thru. It was initially reported that the customer threw some mayonnaise packets at Hicks before they drove off. They parked in the restaurant parking lot. Hicks was heated and then preceded to run outside and retrieved a weapon from her car. She fired five rounds at the vehicle. The driver hauled tail and drove away from the premises. Hicks then followed the man in her car. She later abandoned the car. Authorities eventually

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tracked her down. She was jailed on one charge of discharging a firearm while in public. She posted $1,000 bail and was released from Jail. Hick’s aunt says that her niece was defending herself. Tierra Crittenden, the restaurant’s manager at the Burger King location, says that she came to work uprooted and had a “bad day.” The Franchise has fired Hicks and says they are “horrified” following the incident. “This unacceptable behavior does not align with our brand values of safety and security,” the company said in a statement. The other person involved is unknown. If the other person was injured or not is inconclusive. Watch Video Below

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