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Detroit Woman Killed 6 Days Later After She Testified In Carjacking Case

The 33-year-old woman was shot and killed in an ambush outside her home on Collingham near Cordell on Detroit's east side Tuesday morning, shortly after dropping her teenage son off at school. Six days ago, Starkisha testified in a carjacking case out of Harper Woods, and her family believes the carjacking case is tied to her murder. Starkisha's father Curtis Thompson is devastated and bitter because he says Harper Woods police pressured his daughter into testifying against the man accused of carjacking her and her boyfriend at a gas station in September. Starkisha testified at the suspect's preliminary examination last Wednesday. "She didn't want
to testify because these guys were violent," said Thompson who began having heart trouble Tuesday as he stood on the other side of the taped-off crime scene, watching Detroit Police begin the investigation into his daughter's murder. Thompson collapsed and had to be resuscitated by Detroit Police Chaplain Cedric Wyckoff. The suspect in the Harper Woods carjacking case is 26-year-old Kenneth Dixon. Dixon was released from prison earlier this year after serving time for Armed Robbery. Dixon has been in jail since his arrest in September in the carjacking case where a judge ordered that he be held without bond. Watch Video Below

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