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Justice For Aniya Mother Sentenced To Life In Prison

Emergency crews responded to an apartment on Lakeshore Avenue in Euclid for a child that was unresponsive. Unfortunately the child was not able to be revived. Paramedics said that they tried to save her but couldn’t. The young girl was pronounced dead at the hospital. The four year old girl had burn marks on her feet and legs, and appeared gravely under weight. One specialist said Aniya suffered a stroke, which caused her to lose the ability to walk, talk and eat. She weighed just 26 pounds when she died. Aniya's father, Mickhal Garrett, told the jury that he had filed a complaint with child protective services when he noticed
that his daughter was being abused. It was even said that the young girl told several people including her dad that her life was in danger. The mother has been sentenced to life in prison with no parole. Her boyfriend at the time was also involved because he did not report what was going on. He said during sentencing that he had loved the little girl Aniya. He was sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole in 20 years. The father also wants the mother to be in solitary confinement on the anniversary of his daughters death every year to reflect on what she did. Watch Video Below

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