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Man Fatally Injures His Girlfriend And Leaves Her Body Under Some Clothes

An Ohio man was charged with fatally injure his girlfriend who was found deceased nearly a year after she was reported missing. Bennie Washington, who is 39 fatally injured Audreona Barnes,19 in the head and left her body under a pile of clothes. The clothes and body were left on his balcony. Washington was evicted from the Cleveland apartment before a housecleaner discovered Barnes’ decomposed body, according to Records. Barnes was reported missing on July 30, 2021. Army recruiters reportedly said that they dropped her off at Washington’s apartment . They never knew if she went into his apartment. Barnes’ mother’s boyfriend allegedly received an off the wall text from Barnes. It was asking to pick her up from a gas station. The authorities said that there was no gas station on the road where Barnes had asked to be picked up from. Barnes’ mother also said that the text did not sound like it came from her daughter. Barnes’ phone had been cut off and her

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social media accounts were all deactivated shortly after that text was sent out. This was according to reports. Authorities reportedly found some bullet casings near Barnes’ body. A bullet hole was also found in Washington’s apartment. Investigators believe that Washington kept Barnes’ body outside for months. This was to speed up the rate of the body breaking down and decomposing. Washington was arrested on a day after authorities saw him out and about. He ran into a stranger’s home and jumped out a window. Records said that people had alerted authorities about Washington’s off the wall behavior in the weeks that lead up to his arrest. According to past records, Washington was sentenced to seven years in prison. This was for a 2010 incident. He shot a woman in the back over a $40 illegal substance debt. Washington is charged with aggravated fatal injury. He is also charged with gross abuse of a corpse. A motive has not been yet determined for this crime.

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