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Kevin Gates Re-arrested On The Day Of His Release From Jail, Traci Steele Fights The Urge To Be Petty

Kevin Gates Re-Arrested It sucks when your past catches up with you! After serving five months in jail for kicking a fan at one of his concerts, rapper Kevin Gates was re-arrested on the day he was set to be released. Via TMZ: Today was the day Kevin would taste freedom again, but as he was being processed out of jail authorities found an outstanding weapons-related warrant, so he went back inside the pokey. Gates has a hearing set for later today. It's unclear what
will happen. Traci Steele Fights The Urge To Be Petty Remember Kevin Gates' super awkward interview with DJ Traci Steele, where she touched his arm, he moved away, and wiped off the cooties? Well, she took to social media today to gloat over the rapper's misfortune while claiming she was fighting the urge to be petty. She said " I don't want to be petty, but lord look at what happens when you treat people like crap" Well Traci try to take the high road.
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