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Man Accused Of Stabbing Wife During Bible Study

A Bible study class in Minnesota ended in tragedy. A man that was in attendance suddenly fatally stabbed his wife. According to authorities, Robert Castillo, 41, arrived at bible study with his wife Corrina Woodhull, who was also 41, at a Residential Bible Study. It happened to be at her sister’s house. They both attended the Bible study session despite them being separated. They both were sitting together on the couch. The husband leaned over and whispered something into his wife’s ear. After his wife “shook her head ‘no’” in response, her husband allegedly

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pulled out a knife and stabbed her between 10 and 20 times, according to reports. At that point, he was forcibly detained by other members of the wife’s family. The wife was heard saying, “Don’t let me die,” according to one witness. “When officers arrived, they located an adult female who was suffering from apparent stab wounds to her upper body,” Reports said. “Multiple witnesses on the scene were holding an adult male suspect.” She was transported to a local hospital, but unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. She leaves behind five children. Watch Video Below

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