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N.c. Man Murders 2 Young Daughters After Accusing His Wife Of Cheating, Mom Attempts Suicide

Via NY Daily News: "It was horrific," Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said, according to the Fayetteville Observer. The girls were found around 2 a.m. Saturday and were fatally stabbed with what appeared to be hunting knife, he said. Law enforcement officials told the newspaper that Candice had a doctor's appointment at Cape Fear Medical Center Friday morning and had left the girls with their father. When she returned home, the girls and her husband were gone. Tillman told Candice
he had dropped their children off at someone's home, according to the Observer. The frantic mother then immediately called the police to report her daughters missing. Officials searched the area and knocked on doors, but the three were nowhere to be found. After searching tirelessly for hours, police made the grisly discovery Saturday morning in Hoke County. After learning her daughters had been murdered, Candice Freeman tried to commit suicide. She is now receiving counseling.
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