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Wisconsin Mother, 39, Is Arrested For Pimping Out Her Two Young Children, Six And Nine, And Doping Them With Meth In Exchange For Drugs And Cash For At Least Six Years

Michelle Mayer, 39, of Eau Claire, reportedly sold her two children, now ages six and nine, as sex slaves in exchange for meth, cocaine and money. She was charged on Thursday with two counts of repeated sexual assault of a child and being a party to a crime. She trafficked her children for at least six and a half years in her mother's home, according to a criminal complaint. Police speculate it could have started as far back as nine years ago. Her children
were subjected to physical and sexual assault when men called 'uncles' visited the home, according to KTLA5. An informant said the assaulters went by street names like 'Dollar, Junior, Bam Bam and Pinky' according to Fox News. The men also allegedly photographed the children naked. An informant said that the children were injected with meth more than 100 times to keep awake during the abuse. When the children resisted the assault, Mayer reportedly beat them using a baseball bat. Watch video below

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