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A 5th Grader Is Fatally Injured In Classroom Fight

Ten year old Raniya Wright was Fatally injured. She passed away from her injuries when a fight broke out in her classroom. It has been a while and Authorities have not released details of her injuries or specified how they were sustained. Raniya suffered serious injuries when a fight broke out in her classroom. It's unclear what led to the confrontation. School Officials said that they stopped the fight and Raniya was taken to the school nurse's station. According to a sheriff's office incident report, The 10 year

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old was unconscious when paramedics arrived. The paramedics took her to a nearby hospital. Later she was airlifted to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, where she died soon after. One thing that has been noted is that there were no weapons involved. Raniya’s family are looking for answers and have not been informed on how she sustained the injuries. They haven’t even been informed on what injuries she had in the first place. This situation is still being investigated. Watch video below

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