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Girl, 7, Dies After Pretending To Hang Herself In Prank That Went Horribly Wrong And Left Her On Life Support

-year-old girl has died two days after a prank she tried to play on her mom turned horribly tragic. Precise Tucker was left brain dead after she reportedly tied one end of a bathrobe belt around her neck and choked on a Doritos chip at her family's kitchen in Queens, New York on Wednesday night. Police announced she had died on Friday night. Her mother, Purity Baldwin, had told police that Tucker had a history of pulling pranks on the family that 'involved her being physically injured or appearing to be deceased'. Police sources said Baldwin, 39, told Tucker to 'knock off the horseplay' and then walked out of the room with her 15-year-old brother while the little girl was still tied to the
refrigerator door, according to the New York Post. Tucker's brother came back into the room and found the little girl choking around 8.30pm on Wednesday. They called 911 and removed the chips that had become stuck in Tucker's throat before starting CPR. Neighbor Jose Rivera saw first responders put Tucker on a stretcher, 'pushing on her chest as they ran' into the ambulance. Tucker was taken to the Long Island Jewish Cohen Children's Medical Center, where she began to breathe on her own again after CPR was administered. But by Thursday morning the little girl was on life support. A specialist had been called in the night before and Tucker failed every test, Baldwin's sister told the newspaper. Watch video below

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