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2 Year Old Fatally Starved After Father Had A Fatal Heart Attack In Apartment

The cause of demise of David Conde Sr., and his son David Code Jr. has been determined. Answers comes nine months after their bodies were discovered inside of their apartment. According to those who knew David Conde Sr., who passed back in February along with his son David, was dealing with heart disease. He had passed away from a massive heart attack. Sadly, his 2-year-old son, David Conde Jr., subsequently passed away from starvation. "It is believed that Mr. Conde passed away first, and the child was not able to obtain
any nourishment after his father passed," authorities said. The father and son's remains were found inside of their New York apartment on Feb. 15. They were last seen on Jan. 22, according to News Outlets David Sr's family members called the authorities after not hearing from him for quite some time. When the authorities entered the apartment, they discovered David Sr's body in his bedroom on the bed. The son's body was found not too far from the father. Authorities said that there were no signs of a struggle.

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