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Dave Chappelle & John Mayer Pay Tribute To Charlie Murphy (video)

ave Chappelle & John Mayer Pay Tribute To Charlie Murphy Dave Chappelle and John Mayer paid tribute to Charlie Murphy, who passed away on Wednesday (April 12) after battling leukemia, in a very beautiful way. During John's concert in Ohio, Dave joined him on stage. After some fun banter, Dave admitted John was a sight for sore eyes after learning his friend had passed away. Today, I got some terrible news. My good friend Charlie Murphy passed away this morning and everybody in comedy is heartbroken, so John, you are a sight for
sore eyes. Dave went on to talk about John's song, "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me" that reminded him of Charlie. John, if you would, there was a night, maybe four months ago, where we were at Hotel Cafe in LA. You were doing a show for 120 people. You went to the piano and you sang this song, and the song you sang that night reminded me of my friend, Charlie Murphy. Rest in peace, Charlie Murphy. We love you. We love your comedy. We love your stories and we love your spirit.

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