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Arizona Man Fatally Injured His Wife, Daughter And Man Over Cheating Accusations

Phoenix man fatally injured-four people, including his wife and two children. He went into rampage that started as a relationship argument over allegations of having an affair. The suspect, Austin Smith, who is 30, returned home from a bar one night and confronted his wife passionately over accusations that she had cheated on him. Not too long after confronting her with this, he then fatally injured his wife and two daughters in their home. Apparently after doing such a heinous thing, he drove to the apartment of the man that he believed was her cheating partner and did the same. His wife, Dasia Patterson, who was 29, and their daughters Mayan Smith, 7, and Nasha Smith, 5, were found lifeless in the family's home. He also had a 3-year-old daughter, she was hiding under a bed when police had arrived and was not injured. The suspect told authorities that he chose not to take her life because she "reminded him of himself,". Police said

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that the older daughter died of being hit hard on the head. The suspect apparently fatally injured her because she was crying. Patterson's relatives said that they are devastated and struggling to come to terms with the loss. "We are in anguish over the senseless loss of our beloved Dasia and her young children,” Family said "As we try to process our profound grief, our focus is on the welfare of her sole surviving 3-year-old daughter. She just lost her mother and sisters, and we want nothing more than for her to be with her family right now." Smith drove to an apartment complex in Phoenix and fatally injured Ron Freeman, 46, whom he accused of having an affair with his wife. In addition to Freeman, he allegedly injured two other people at the home. It was a man and a woman. They have not been identified. The woman, 47, and is in critical condition while the man, 33, suffered serious injuries. Watch Video Below

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