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Rashidah Ali Releases Full Statement About Her Friendship With Nicki Minaj &...

Rashidah Ali Releases Statement Regarding Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj Rashidah Ali has released a statement¡¦a full statement regarding her friendship with Nicki Minaj and her broken bond with Remy Ma. Remy Ma fans swooped down on the former ¡°Love & Hip Hop¡± star and labeled her a traitor after Nicki Minaj posted a photo of them together at her recent launch for her new company, The
Stiletto Group. In her statement, Rah noted that her bond with Remy Ma ¡°deteriorated¡± during season 6 of ¡°Love & Hip Hop.¡± She went on to add that she is not working with Nicki out of spite or payback. Rah says the two of them were friendly way before the rap beef. The point Rashidah Ali wanted to drive home is she is very loyal¡¦. Read the full statement below (via Baller Alert):

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S/O to my good good sis @rah_ali for launching her brand new company @the_stiletto_group like a BOSS 👅~ @candiworld 👀💋🎀 bad btchs link up 😍😘¢¾️

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