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Houston Woman Fatally Injures Her Child’s Grandmother Over Custody Battle

Authorities charged Tranisa Octavin Trana Watts, who is 23, with capital fatal injury. This was for fatally injuring Kentoria Nicole Edwards, who was 52. Authorities in North Texas revealed that a 23-year-old woman fatally shot her child’s grandmother at a Well known coffee shop. This took place during an argument that was over custody of the child. After the incident happened, the woman attempted to escape with the child right before the authorities arrived. The incident happened shortly after 7 pm. Authorities said that an investigation revealed that the victim was the child’s grandmother and that she had full custody. Authorities said that Watts requested
to see her child and Edwards did agree. She wanted the meeting to be in a public place. So they met at a coffee shop. During the visit, Watts pulled out a weapon. She fatally shot Edwards and attempted to leave with the child, authorities said. The first officer arrived at the scene and spotted Watts. They immediately apprehended the woman. The other authorities arrived and located the victim. They immediately began to perform life sustaining techniques, after realizing that the woman was severely injured. Emergency personnel arrived and transported Edwards to a hospital. She was pronounced deceased soon after. Watch Video Below

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