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'ballers' Stars Dulé Hill & Jazmyn Simon Are Engaged

Dulé Hill & Jazmyn Simon Are Engaged "Ballers" stars Dulé Hill and Jazmyn Simon are officially engaged! Dulé popped the question on April 14 after taking Jazmyn on a romantic hot air balloon ride. Then, he put a massive ring on it! In
a post on his Instagram page, Dulé Hill wrote: Step by step, hand in hand, you & me, lock & key. #IAintNoFool #SheSaidYes #ItWasAREALLYGoodFriday #ForeverGrateful #WeGonRentTheMoonAndFillItWithRosé #ILoveYouJaz # The smile and shock on Jazmyn's face says it all! Again...that ring tho!!!
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