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Woman Who Was Missing Found In Back Yard

Authorities have discovered the body of a Florida woman who was the mother of three. The body of LaDonna Williams, who was 41, was found buried in a back yard. The owner of the rental property called the emergency line after he discovered a body while he was preparing the house for new tenants. Family identified her as LaDonna right after the discovery. She had been missing since 2015. Authorities believes that LaDonna was fatally injured. They are still trying to figure out how it all went down. Family and Friends said: "She was a very good mother, she was a good mother to all my friends, my siblings as well," LaDonna's daughter said"She did not deserve to die like

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that." LaDonna in 2015, along with her son reportedly survived a domestic knife attack. LaDonna told a news outlet: “I wasn't sure who was going to live and who wasn't," she told the station at the time. "I feel like my son put his life on the line for me and he very well could have lost his life."  Family has opened up a donation page to lay LaDonna to rest. "She lived life day by day ready for whatever God had planned," the description read. "She was the grandmother of two, soon to be four. She was a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend to many. She was loved by everyone she met and kept faith in her heart."

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