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Georgia Stepmom Gets The Death Penalty For Starving Her 10 Year Old Step Child

A Gwinnett County jury on handed down Georgia’s first death sentence in more than five years to a woman that was convicted of starving her stepdaughter.  After two and a half grueling hours of deliberation, the highly stressed jury of six men and six women sentenced Tiffany Moss to die by lethal injection. This was for starving 10 year old Emani to death. Moss showed no emotion as the unanimous decision was read for everyone to hear. The final verdict finished off a disturbing trial. Testimony and very detailed photos helped bring justice for this little girl. Apparently Moss and her husband placed the little girl’s body in a trash can and set a fire to it. This was to cover up the crime. Miss makes history in the State of Georgia. She is the only woman on death row and if executed will be the third woman ever in the states history. Moss’s decided to represent herself in a capital case. This was very odd. She did nothing to prove her innocence in this trial. She didn’t prepare for the trial. She never once addressed the jury. She presented no evidence to help herself out. She asked no
questions to any of the state’s witnesses.   While Moss remained silent, prosecutors depicted a horrific portrait of a woman who decided to keep the young girl confined to her room and denied her food until she wasted away. There were other children who lived with Moss. She fed and cared for her own two children. “There’s no joy when a jury imposes a death sentence,” District Attorney Danny Porter said after court adjourned. “But this was one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen. The first time you look at it it made you sick. The last time you look at it it makes you sick.” “At first and all last night,” Porter said, “I thought she had outsmarted us.” Maybe Moss had come up with a “brilliant strategy” to make jurors think she was unfairly undermatched as two prosecutors laid out the case against her, Porter said.   “The only other rational explanation is that she was resigned to whatever was going to happen,” he added. “She was going to let someone else inflict (her punishment).” When asked for her thoughts on what had transpired, Gilbert said, “I think this ridiculous spectacle speaks for itself.”  Watch Video Below

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