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Daughter Saves Sibling From Mom’s Fatal Injury Rampage

A North Carolina mother decided to drown one of her daughters in her home. She was also trying to fatally injure another child. Her oldest daughter was awakened out of her sleep to screams. She managed to save her sister by fighting her sister away from mother. Jamie Bradley Brun, 37, was charged with fatal injury and attempted fatal injury after the attack. Brun’s 16-year-old daughter was asleep when she was awakened by her 8-year-old sister’s
screams. She went into the bathroom and managed to aggressively take her sister away from her mother. She ran to a nearby family member’s house to call the emergency line. When the authorities arrived at the home, Brun tried to take one of the Officer’s service weapon. They had to restrain her with their Taser. The 8 year old appeared to unharmed. The daughter that didn’t make it was 6 years old. Watch Video Below

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