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She Was Making My Life A Living Hell” Florida Man Tells Cops After Fatally Injuring His Child’s Mother

John McQueen told the police that he had opened his girlfriend's throat because he knew she'd make him miserable if he didn't. Apparently there were lots of ways that Kelaina “Keke" Adkins made him miserable. He told detectives this many hours later. He said that he felt that She could keep him from the daughter they shared, make him pay child support and bother his next girlfriend. "She was going to make my life a living hell," McQueen, 26, told investigators. "I felt like she was never going to leave me alone, so I made sure that she would." McQueen and Adkins lived together in an apartment complex.They began to argue one morning. McQueen has told detectives all of the events that led up to this heinous ordeal. He said that his child’s mom was angry that he hadn't removed a tattoo of his wife's name. McQueen said he tried to exit stage left, but Adkins attacked him with a knife in the bedroom. He managed to push Adkins down onto the bed and take the knife. He claims that she got back up and wanted to fight. He then pinned Adkins down on the bed
again and told her he'd hurt her if she he kept bothering him,the documents says. Adkins was lying on her back as McQueen began to strangle her with his hands. The knife was on the bed and McQueen acknowledged that Adkins was no longer an immediate threat at that point. When Adkins tried to scream, he proceeded to squeeze harder. The expression on her face changed from "aggressive" to "scared" and she began to cry, he said. When Adkins went limp, McQueen rolled her over on her stomach. She began to cough, and he told detectives he thought that if she lived, she would be able to talk about what had happened, the documents says. If she doesn't, she won't be able to say nothing," he told detectives. McQueen said he lifted her head up by her forehead and cut her, twice fatally , the report says. Afterwards, he called his wife and confessed to what he had done. In addition to the 3-month-old daughter that he had with McQueen, he also has two other daughters and a son, all under the age of 10. They were at the daycare during this event. Watch Video Below

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