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Michel'le Talks About Her Tumultuous Relationship With Dr Dre And Sure Knight

LIFETIME Michel'le opens up about her abusive relationship with Dr. Dre in new biopic. Michel'le wants to clear up any misconceptions or rumors about her past relationships with the network debut of her biopic "Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le." The Lifetime original film starring Rhyon Nicole Brown (Michel'le), Curtis Hamilton (Dr. Dre), Jamie Kennedy (music manager Jerry Heller) and R. Marcos Taylor reprising his "Straight Outta Compton" role as Suge Knight will chronicle the R&B singer's humble beginnings during N.W.A.'s meteoric rise in the music industry to her past abusive romance with Dr. Dre. The relationship prompted a downward spiral into substance abuse for the chart-topping singer known for her late '80s hits "No More Lies" and "Something In My Heart" before her later turbulent relationship with Dre's then business partner and Death Row Records co-founder, Marion "Suge" Knight. The singer-songwriter, later, had a son with Dre and a daughter with Knight. She told The Huffington Post that the omission of her involvement in the lives of Dre and company in N.W.A.'s biopic, "Straight Outta Compton" opened the door for her to tell her story as a former artist on Eazy E's Ruthless Records. Though she's "grateful" for developing the project which she appears as a narrator throughout the film she admits, it was difficult to view her character suffer from substance and domestic abuse. "When you're living in it, you can't see it. But I couldn't believe that I was really living like that," she said during an interview with The Huffington Post. "And it really resonated with me. Never did I wake up and ask Dre, 'Why did you hit me?'" "He apologized to the public. I don't think that was an apology to me, because if it was, he would've either called me without the public and said 'Michel'le, I am so sorry for what I did to you 20-something years ago,' that's an apology," she said. During a scene in the film she
adds there were periods where she was both "terrified and grateful" that Dre loved her during their six year relationship. She added to HuffPost that she hasn't talked to the music mogul in "centuries," and hasn't talked to Suge who is currently incarcerated and facing attempted murder and murder charges for a fatal 2015 hit-and-run incident in "years," but maintains that both men "love their kids, and my kids love their fathers." Through the years, Michel'le has been vocal in the media about her alleged abusive relationship with Dre. In 2013 during a reunion episode of her reality show, "R&B Divas," the 45-year-old alluded to remaining in a relationship with Dre after he allegedly broke her nose. In 2015, after critics charged Dre for glossing over his alleged past of abusing women in "Straight Outta Compton," and the resurfacing of reports surrounding his 1991 assault on journalist Dee Barnes, he issued a statement to The New York Times apologizing to the women he's hurt in the past. I just think he did a general apology because he had a movie out, and he's got a brand and that's what you do. I'm not mad at him. If he feels free with that, then that's good. I don't know if Dee Barnes took it to heart." "What doesn't make sense is, why would you publicly apologize for beating women, and then turn around and say, 'I didn't beat a woman?' Michel'le Despite his 2015 apology, Dre, through a statement given to his attorney and included in the film's ending credits, denied abusing Michel'le and "challenges her credibility." "If he would like to take me to court and sue me, then we should.
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