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Mother Leaves Her Three Children Behind In The Car To Jump Off Of Bridge

This story is so unfortunate. You just don’t know what is going on in people’s personal lives. Sometimes people get so good with keeping a positive front, that they don’t ever seek the proper help that they do desperately need. Well this young lady obviously felt as if she had no other way, but to end it all. Stanlee Allyn Holbrook, who was 26, stopped her car on the bridge then walked to the railing and jumped off. Authorities stated that her body was recovered. Emergency services were called after multiple witnesses reported that a woman was on the outer bridge railing. The children were taken to a hospital for evaluation and will be turned over to the state. Although reports stated
that they were not sure if the children belonged to Holbrook, her friends confirmed that the children were hers on social media. Holbrook posted a status on Facebook a while ago about her children and how she will always love them: “My kids r the realest ones on my team the love they give me is unconditional im blessed ik it gets hard but I signed up for this job no matter the highs or lows im always give them my all BCus my creator gave me each day to value them an share the moments  best feeling hearing momma I love u “ The bridge was closed for about an hour while police investigated the scene. Watch Video Below

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